Green Coffee Bean Extract (Standardized 50% Chlorogenic Acid GCA) 60 Count

Green Coffee Beans are simply the beans that have been extracted from the coffee berry and have not undergone any thermal processing. Coffee cultivation is thought to have begun in Ethiopia around 800 A.D. From there it spread to Arabia where by the 13th century it was already used widely and a favored by all as an elixir. Coffee continued to travel around the world and its biggest home is currently in South America, where about 50% of the world’s coffee production comes from. Because the beans have not been processed, their alkaloids, proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and chlorogenic acids have all been left intact.

What distinguishes the Standardized Green Coffee Bean Extract from other forms is the fact that the amount of chlorogenic acid is guaranteed to be 50%. Furthermore, it is this amount of chlorogenic acids that has been used in clinical studies and has demonstrated the unquestionable and successful weight-loss effects of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Chlorogenic acids are said to slow down glucose release in the body and induce weight loss. Other substances in the extract such as diterpenes are known to strengthen liver tissue and protect it against oxidation – making it also an anti-carcinogen.


• Standardized amount of 50% of Chlorogenic acids
• Proven to be efficient in clinical studies
• Increases energy & regulates hunger
• Speeds up fat burning
• Recent study based on 2,400 calorie diet shows 10% body weight loss in 12 weeks
• Synergistically burns sugar through the liver and slows sugar flow into blood stream
• Contains only “”pure”” ingredients
• Has antioxidant properties
• May help regulate blood sugar
• Improves body composition
• Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
• Decreases intestinal absorption of glucose and the release of glucose from the liver by inhibiting glucose-6-phosphatase
• Can suppress the production of free radicals